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What is Coaching?

A coach can expand your thinking, help you to make smarter decisions and develop more balance in your life. A personal coach can show you how to base your personal and business goals on your core values, and sustain those values by developing your natural and creative strengths.

Get Balanced!   

You know how to get out of balance with day-to-day living, well I hope to teach you how to look at things from a different perspective and help you to achieve balance in business and your personal life.                                                 

 The goal is to create balance in your life! 


Be Selfish!

Being selfish is not a bad thing! You need to take care of yourself first. Just as if you were on an airplane and the oxygen mask drops down, you would be told to put yours on first and then help others.

Being selfish in the best sense of the word: taking care of yourself  first so that positive results come naturally.



Questioning is the basic tool of coaching. It may be a little shocking to realize that while coaches may have suggestions, responses, ideas, and insights, and, like coaches in sports may give you homework and tasks, they do not have, or offer, answers. The answers to how you can find and live your best vision of life are available only through you.

Listening is a large part of a coach’s job. By listening, we may hear that you block your progress by over-generalizing, magnify negative factors, or allowing your feelings to lead your thinking.

Through the process of coaching, it is easier for you to find the answers for yourself.

If you would like to get more information, or arrange a free introductory coaching session, please contact us. Our rates are negotiable, and we can arrange a schedule that best fits your budget. 

Coaching works best in person or by telephone, where information can be shared in privacy and with maximum convenience to the client. Typically, the client meets with or calls the coach for forty-five minutes, once a week at a pre-set time. Of course, all sessions are strictly confidential. .

What We Do....

CreateHer Coaching offer consulting, coaching and workshops for professionals in career or personal transition.

I work with entrepreneurs, small business owners, artists and anyone who is ready to make a change in their life.

My strengths are my compassion, my inspiration, my energetic drive, my positive proactive approach and my artistic nature.

Our relationship will be a partnership. 

 I am a resource for you to use and will provide the structure and ongoing support needed to stay in action.

Two heads are always better than one!


Why a Personal Coach ?.......

CreateHer Coaching - Eileen Hoeter

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