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Eileen is an energetic and knowledgeable person with amazing organizational skills. I spent 10 days with a couple of friends and her, eagerly doing morning walks, afternoon workouts and evening dances. She had us all energized and happy. And we all lost some fat and gained some muscle! 

Barbara Weed, bookkeeper, North Bend, Oregon. 

Eileen is a master organizer, ensuring even the smallest detail is attended to for a maximum satisfying and memorable trip/experience! 

Helen  Hrescak, Personal Coach, Vancouver, BC

Donít miss your life-changing opportunity to work with Eileen Hoeter at Createher.  She is an extraordinary business coach.  I chose to work with Eileen for one full year.  Through her mentorship, I achieved my business, financial and personal goals.  She is savvy, sensitive, intelligent, focused, encouraging, sensible, responsible, witty, deeply talented, and a visionary.  Her networking and industry know-how are respected by all.  She deserves the awards, recognition, and exceptional reputation she has earned in the international entertainment and business communities.  Thank you, Eileen, for understanding the big picture, and breaking it down into a clearly defined, step by step process, so that dreams can be achieved. 

Katherine Billings, Artistic Director,

Katherine Billings Productions/Los Angeles Repertory Company Education & Entertainment, United States & Canada    -   Building Wiser Citizens through the Arts 

The trip to Mexico was what the doctor ordered!  Lots of relaxing time,as well as exercise and just letting go ! It is great to treat yourself!  

Deboragh Gabler. President, Legacy Filmworks, Vancouver BC / Los Angeles CA

Eileen Hoeter is a wonderful coach and her enthusiasm and creative energy will inspire you. She combines the strong people skills and insightful business savvy needed to walk you through a career change or a business start up.
Eileen's coaching helped me to believe in myself and to succeed in my new career.

Marsha Drake, Your Story Writing Service, Vancouver, BC


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